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MomCozy S12 Handsfree Breastpump

MomCozy S12 Handsfree Breastpump

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Not enough milk? Painful pump? Always leaking? Yeah, we know what bothers moms about pumping with detailed community interviews, so we are here with our pump star Momcozy S12 Pro hands-free breast pump, which is so convenient that it can make you forget you are still pumping!

So soft as a baby’s lips, so collecting as a baby’s mouth, our S12 Pro wearable breast pump has an upgraded double-sealed flange design compared to the normal single-flange ones, which can snug tighter and closer to your breasts to not only pump more efficiently and more comfortably but also prevent milk leaking effectively!


  • Double-sealed flange pumps faster
  • Quieter and more discreet
  • 3 modes and 9 levels of intensity
  • The timer function tracks well Material: PP + Silicone
  • Default Flange Size: 24mm
  • Silent: Noise less than 45dB
  • Charge Time: About 130 mins
  • Usage Time: 240 mins/7~8 sessions
  • Charging Port: Type-C (compatible with 5V 1A adapter)
  • Container Capacity: 6 oz (you are recommended to pump within 4oz)


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